Technically endless,

yet we never have enough,

or we have too much.

Lives run short of it.

Babies breathe in and begin

their new, long, journey.

Even after death,

it still goes on with others,

continuing on.

What I'm speaking of,

is a concept known by all,

on our minds is Time.

Time involves all things,

the living and dead alike,

and objects as well.

Throughout the ages,

Time remained and ventured on,

enduring all pains.

Still, we walk through Time,

with a spring in our steps too,

towards the future.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did this peice for a writing assignment in English class today. I decided to dabble in other kinds of poetry, rather than doing my normal rhyme scheme, so I chose to write a haiku. And I'm going to be posting some of my old, depressing stuff on here, one a day, for the next couple of days untill I don't have any more to post. But that won't mean I'm not going to post any new material. I have a feeling I'm going to write untill the day I die! :3 Anyway, as always, any kind of criticism, good or bad, is welcome and appreciated. I'll see you lot tomorrow!

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