Purgatory Or Salvation


What is life?


Is life Hell?


Some of us mortals


can never tell.

Life is long,


life is tough;


but death is easy,


when your number's up.




Death can be caused


by a car, a rope, or knife.


Or a simple gunshot,


can take away life.




Even a fall,


from a terrifying hight,


will leave you in darkness


reaching for the light.




When the time comes,


The Reaper is there.


His job is to free you


and take you somewhere




Where that place is,


Only he can show you.


What that place is,


No one can get to.




Unless you are dead,


and free from life's grasp.


But all you have to do


is perform this easy task,




Now in my thoughts,


I've had a revelation.


Is death purgatory?


Or simply salvation?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First post, sorry if some things dont make sense. I wrote this for a class and i was depressed at the time, so this came forth. Any criticism is welcome and much appreciated.

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