Look At Me Now

Mom I'm setting at the top, you said I'd always claim it. Dad I've got everything at my feet, just checkout my bank statement. I'm so fucking tired, I don't want any of this. Mom I'm so empty I just want to change it. The bottle keeps tempting me, and I'm looking to play it down. Dad I don't know how to leave this, maybe you could teach me how.

Gran look at my new truck, it's so fucking comfy, check out all this money. I'm laughing because I used to dream of this life and that's just funny.
My family's so proud of me, I'm doing so well. Center stage and I'm trying to get out of here, but I don't think they can tell.
I wish their family's didn't depend my paychecks. I wish my obligations was to myself alone, then maybe my choices wouldn't leave me like a plain wreck second guessing myself. I wish this hell wasn't like home, I wish everything I done only hurt me alone, and for what it's all worth, I wouldn't care if this all was gone.

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Hope you enjoy

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