Love, In Love, Lust, Fate

Love, In Love, Lust, Fate


You think you’ve met your soulmate

Believe it with your whole heart and soul that it is fate

The more time you spend together

The more you convince yourself that THIS is forever


Do we know the difference between love, in love, lust and fate?

Most of us, it’s more like an obsession which we realize far too late

In love is butterflies, love is a soul connection which never dies

Fate is destiny, it is what is supposed to be, reality, but some believe otherwise


You believe you are in love

The signs are all so clear, how can it not be anything else but sent from above?

Everything seems so clear, you dismiss all fear

Because your love is near, and dear, and will never disappear


Do we really know the difference between love, in love, lust and fate?

Why then can Love turn so easily into hate?

Lust into disgust

And fate into something we eventually distrust


But the pain, once you realise that you’re the only one in love

The pain, once you realise that it was never sent from above

The pain to learn that your ‘’soulmate’s’’ heart lies with someone else

The pain to awaken to that you are simply not loved.. your heart just crumbles and melts


Is it possible for your ‘’believed’’ soulmate to have fallen in love with his stepdaughter while married to her mother?

Is there any possibility that he could be not only obsessed with her, but actually in love with her?

I saw it, I had a vision, it was crystal clear, that his heart and soul was there

Does he know it? Would he ever?  Is he even aware that he loves her beyond just ‘’care’’


Do we really know the difference between love, in love, lust and fate?

Confused between caring, love for family and friends, romance love? Can anyone relate?

Confusion between lust, obsession and love

Or once the truth is revealed it’s far too late


Are you in love with your stepdaughter?

Is my soulmate, the one I believed I loved obsessed and truly in love with her?

Daydreaming about her, stalker her, admiring her beauty in pictures continually

Am I wrong to wonder? Will I be crucified when I ask for the truth? Will he even know? Not really….


Love, In Love, Lust and Fate.. scary thought to realize the truth only too late