The Life of a Cowboy

Well, I left my roots and I lost my boots
I moved away from my home.
I traveled out east, I traveld out west,
This whole land I have known.
Well, I'm back now, to roundup the cows
With a message to say...
You have got to stay strong
to face this world alone
You have got to be tough
Cause this worlds, getting rough.
Well, I did not know where my life would go.
Living from day to day.
I called up my dad back out west and said
Can I come on back home?
He said...
You've got to stay strong if you want to face this world alone.
You have to be tough, because this worlds getting rough.
If you want to come, there's room to roam
come on, if you want to come back home...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written June 1, 2004


I found this in an old email

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