Where it's at

Loving texts slipping from a sadistic mind,

Angel on my shoulder screaming good love is hard to find,

Where it's at? Oh where it's at?

Game playing, pussy slaying, baby you in my top 10,

Stop acting... baby I'm not even filming yet,

But you my star, you roll your eyes saying don't you have a million of em,

None that shine like you,

Fill me up with that attitude,

Stressing is just your mood,

I wanna love you but you always being crude,

Make this last forever, before we go, too soon,

Southern eyes, I'm staying away from that,

But them sexy lips keep pulling me back,

Drive me crazy with the way you lack,

That young shit with no tact,

Fantasizing about gripping you from the back,

I'm sending you a text right now,

Stop playing with my heart it says,

I want you to be my boot camp bonnie..

You got me left on read,

Where it's at? Oh where it's at?