open your eyes!
something whispers in her ears
there's nothing in here
she gets on her knees
and pushes up off the floor
she approaches the rustydoor
her hand reaches for the knob
she gives it a hearty twist
it slips from her palm
it flies open
a dark demon stares
in the form of a pitch black corridor
which way does she go?
is there even a way anymore?
nothing lights her path
but instinct pushes her across the threshold
it feels, weird she thinks
her bodies never felt this cold
she reaches blindly into space
sifting through the nothing
revealing darkness in its place
her bare feet shuffle along the floor
feeling along the carpet
untill she felt carpet no more
a small cold breeze
creeps across the tops of her feet
she extends her leg
points her toes
and plunges into the deep
reverberating through the walls
the shaft fills with her screams
she's falling falling down
kknowing not what screaming brings
she hits the floor
with a tremendous thud
her head lolls to the side
her mouth is leaking blood
a lights turns on
blinding to her eyes
theyre trying to open
and she fights
but the urge is too strong
despite her desperate tries
open your eyes!
a familair voice cries
she does what she's told
but the light is too bright
her eyes cant adjust
from all of this night
somone is mumbling
a sob strikes the air
she cannot see
she cannot speak
all she does is hear
in walks the doctor
shaking his head
if not for her screaming
her heartbeats
we'd assume she was dead.

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