fly birdie

I cry a tear for the poor soul

the little girl with no home

she holds her head high

cuz everything's alright

where's she gonna sleep tonight?

where's she gonna eat tonight?

she quakes and she quivers but she never cries

cuz everything is alright

she hides behind her eyelids and ducks down low

she'll get through this, thats all she knows

god damn it's better than going home

the little run away with the face of an angel and the mouth of a crow

so many know and love her

still they let her go

flap your wings little birdie, you know you can fly

no mother was there to push you from the nest, none there to catch your first fall

you had to jump blindly through  it all

your soaring your soaring the wind at your feet

till the rain driops hit your eyes and you fall from the sky

this is all so crazy

you just need a little time to breath.

then the birdie met the catapillar and the breathing was done

who needs to breathe when you can have fun?

so they sipped the nectar and consumed the leaves

and little birdie forgot to greive'

untill it was time to leave

inhaled to a world she was not ready for, exhaled from a world not ready for her

she picked the worms from the snakes

and she ate when she could and she tried not to hate

just thinking one day that this will be great

she'll make it through, everything's gonna be great

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