In Dark


A spitfire doom

not seen with the naked eye

begins to loom

and seek the target to destroy its creation


The pain deep inside

rips all heartaches and open pride


Just bow to your creator

when strife looms large

and just ground your wounded bones

on the thin ice that cracks when stepped upon


All standoffs of the night

are forced to confront the light

when the conscience breaks down in dismay


Acknowledge your pasttime

and do it in style

as the fist rams through the darkness

to encounter mute secrecy

alienation, and bigotry inside


Don't fall for the underdog

just because he's been trampled


There's so much to learn...


Don't break to ones you know

the flames inside doused with cold

insecurity reaks havoc

to those who don't see the chopping block

Author's Notes/Comments: 

honestly, some of these poems were really all over the place...they're even tough to edit hah

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