Satan Claus


On the longest night of the year

Filled with joy and Solstice cheer

Hellflames aglow in the fireplace pit

Casts dancing spectres and faces and wit

Sights and sounds of evocative bane

Visions of devils and demons to stay

The rain and the snow, and the sleet and the hail

Wishes are whispered upon the ice gails

A Presence draws nearer, a lingering friend

A shadow reflection, through gates I did send

Eyes in wide wonder at the flickering light

When what to behold, what is in sight?

But a puff in the air which flashes midnight

There he stands proudly, in black and in red

Is Satan Claus smiling with horns, hooves, and fangs

A shiny black beard, He twirls with delight

With eyes of black coal, burning with might!

And what by The Baphomet's throne does he lay?

But carnal confections and philtres, what may

Gifts wrapped in opal, and ruby, and gem

To bring forth indulgence, and pleasure, and play

He uplifts the Cornu, echoing forth

With a "Hail Satan!" and "Happy Yuletide!"

Old Nick swirls his cloak into a Nine

In darkness He goes until the next time!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Satan Claus pays a visit in a sulphurus plume, bringing carnal delights sublime, which lasts the year through.

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