Maiden of Lust

Lust, Lust


Daughter of Satan

Dionysis' trust

Lust, Lust


Childe of The Devil

Pelvic Thrust!

I see her form

Dancing on the candlewick

She is the flame

Burning with desire

Long mane & ruby lips

Slinky shadow, sillhouette in the mist

Those daemon eyes

Stimulates the turgid swell

The obelisk erect

Ready for the plunge.........

Watching her body

Writhe & sweat

Her milkwhite skin

Pleasurous flesh

Euphoric ecstacy

Renders her wet

Pervaiding perfume

Exudes from the silken rose

Dripping with nectar

Tempting erotic pose

Cascading pedals

Slickened mouth

This is My heaven

Travelling south.........

Tender & soft

I feel her tone in My hands

Both of us gasping

Satanic romance

Blue moon reposing

As we savagely chant

Tongues by the fireplace

On a cold winter's night

Chandelier swaying

Muscles flex tight

Tipsy on champaign

Spirit of the ale

In the dead of the night

She began to wail.........

".....I Am the title Mystery of Mysteries

Babylon the Great & the number 156

And the robe of the woman of whoredoms

And the Cup of Abominations....."

-----The Book of The Law / Aleister Crowley

Intense sexplosion

Volcanic quake

Shaking the earth

By its very foundations

Blinded in "Sin"

Haze of red heat

Fornicating to excess.....

Daemonic Intercourse

Kiss of the snake

She rides the unicorn

Holds the hand of Pan

She smiles with her head tossed back

Gazing at the stars above

I hold her in My arms.........

Caressing My fantasy

My dream come true

She lies beside Me

In total exhaust

Precious vixen

Jewel of the earth

Like the black widow spider

Consumed in her passions

Succubus take Me

I Am in Lust!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She dances on the candleflames and in your innermost desires: her serpantine visage haunts the mind with lascivious rapport, igniting the hellish fires of lust, manifesting the kundalini, ever possessed, and ever present.

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