Dark Prophesy I

The flames of hatred burning fierce

Deep ascending demonic appearance

Horns climbing, thrusting black clouds

Emminating blood throughout.........

SATAN screams vengeance to the sky

To him who dwells sleeping in a lavish high.........

- SCENE 1-

SATAN'S repudiation, accusation, & verbal confrontation towards God from The Great Abyss.

I call unto you

Holy tyrant of the Heavens


Run thee through with My trident

Your blood will shed!

Running, oozing from your throne

My hatred will overcome

Blindlight of your kingdom.........

I shall not forget

Your misjustice to Me

Made Me your Judas Goat

And changed My name.........

With Me, thou hast casted out

The true light of your glory

Soon will come the time

You'll genuflect before Me!

The sun will be as blood

The moon as crimson fire

A great shadow upon the horizon

To terminate the veritos liar

The gates of Hell flung open

Overwhelming evils pour forth

The gaping mouth of Hades

Belching the darkest horrors

Unimaginable Nightmaric Proportions

The stench, the noise, the terror!


SATAN confronts God in the main chamber of his palace: the Archangels are raped & executed.

I've waited an eternity

For this moment of My glory

You will not stop Me

Neither Gabriel not Michael

They too shall pay the price

Consorts to the conspiracy

Abaddon shall see to their fates

But you are mine!

The angels stripped of their garments

And pride, & honour, & sacredness

Lilith descends upon them

Corruptive enlightenment

All daemons gather 'round

Witness the incarnations

Executed as they cry!

Lilitu to Siva

A slash to the throats

Devils & imps & creatures

From the lower depths

Flock as so many bats & vultures

To lap the blood so fresh.........


The Execution & Relegation of God.

Assembled congregation

Hybrid grotesqueries

A sea of glowing eyes

The mood is so intense

Auras begin to commence

Drooling teeth & tusks

Tongues drip & slurping

Jaws & claws in friction

The Evil can be seen

As mist throughout the scene

Awaiting final death

The "holy" one's last breath.........

Upon this chopping block

Shall your reign be over

I will drink your blood

I AM greater!

The trident thrust into his chest

Impaled like a doG!

Great black sword is raised

Brought down with infernal hate!


Swallows the essence & the breath

Forever King unto no death!


LUCIFER'S final commandment of death to exterminate those who are defiant to this new & eternal rule.

Go forth, My children

Out from the habitations

The vast populations

Of any all traitors

Who will not bow before Me

Tear & rend their immaculate souls

And feast with pleasure!

A moving blanket covers above

The Legions of Death fly forth

Seeking whom they may devour

All must raise The Cornu hand

Those who defy to accept His black light

Shall cease to exist in realms of bliss.........


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mytheological, psychodramatic, apocalyptic scenario outlining the inevitable destruction of the weak and hypocritical foolosophies of the blindlight, through Diabolic Justice.

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