Krampusnacht LVIII

Seasons In Hell

Shadows in the cold night, hooves burn into the earth
Horned beasts from Hades carry hellfire torches bright
Roars echo across canyon and cliff, coming closer still
Trembling house and bones, eyes of flickering coal
Brought by demonwinds up from The Abyss
Through tusks and fangs, the serpentine hiss
Chains rattle, bells resound, heralding forthcoming season of fright
Shivers up the spines, deserving sacrifice
Screeching thorns upon the glass, blood on snow and rain
Devoured in darkness, descend into The Pit
Oblation malefaction, Nightmares come alive!
Punishment or reward, who is to be next?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Crunching late autumnal leaves, howling winds whispering through the trees and house, the scent of petrichor and burning fireplaces, decorations singed, and frightful shadows cast upon the blinds!

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