My Ode To Vincent Tan and Cardiff City called 'Versus Watford 28% Posession




Greetings Bluebirds how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

looks so messy from afar

from heady heights to lowered bar


Malky gone in a haze of texts

hey you obviously know the rest

Then a gamble on a man

with no experience Mr Tan


And now you chose Mr Slade

Personally, come what may

when a local hero called Tony P

would have come if you asked thee


You obviously couldnt work with him

clueless rhetoric he would have binned

He wouldn't stand for meddling at all

with his life of experience and

your 2 months studying football!


I have been monitoring the news

really are some Cardiff Blues

Ok we just won away

but the brand of football is

causing DISMAY


love the letter from the old man

pointing out that Cardiff's brand

of football, more suited to park

really is a comparison; stark


the best football I have recently seen

was the football under Malky

fast flowing, counter attack

and when needed a defence stack


but back to why I did write

not bothered about the shite

quality of football anyway

dont watch the club these days


because I made a decision

at the beginning of the season

that all I would do would read

the write ups of the BBC


and pay specific attention too

possession percentages of the ex blue

cos they should averaged 50%

with Mr Tans squad heaven sent


and until they reach that point

could only mean a disjoint

bad enough under OGS

at times we looked clueless


not seen a Russel Slade team

even on the TV

until they can get 50% possession

score, shut up shop, aint heaven

no leaders on the pitch too

without them we are screwed


one thing about OGS

a kid in a sweet shop no less

but from the glimpses I have seen

some of his buys played decently

and selling our club captain too

OGS had some screws loose


and none are even getting games

to the outsider that's insane

Russell are you picking the team?

Or does your greatfullness

ensure some lies from thee??


Perhaps this is why MR P

was never offered the job you see

principled, from beginning to end

and a genius with a team blend

and championship experience too

 cant believe he's still out of work too

would have done a grand job for you

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