My ode to Cristiano Ronaldo

Greetings Cristiano and how do you do?

was told to write a poem to you

cos that's exactly what I do

praise the good, chastise the uncouth


for the heavens I work full time

god consciousness, also known as divine

who’s love and truth so sublime

but they don’t like humanity crimes


Not that your a criminal at all

just a pure genius with a round ball

you do lots of charity work too

hey I truly doff my hat to you


save the children, Gaza too

a lot of good being done by you

I tell you now, you do a lot more

than many, many a footballer


but 'upstairs' ask me to write today

to tell you of their dismay

child poverty in Portugal is truth

you should do much more there too


the heavens, they know the score

know every penny accounted for

they know the size of your pockets

dig deeper please, and take this as

a heavenly 'Sir Alex' rant rocket


I cannot add up that high

and the kids in Portugal are deprived

most look up to you too

a roll model who just cannot loose


great smile and olive skin

with a ball you can do anything

charity should begin, end at home

not that your worked to the bone


And google simply confirmed

what I had already learned

that Portugal is just so poor

the kids are so worth fighting for


I see the youth as a common theme

amongst your work of charity

they are the future of our planet

and your blessed, so much talent


please re-distribute some more wealth

to prevent deprivation and hell

to your people who look up to you

you got them to the world cup too


And Gareth Bale has joined you too

I am a Druid from Wales to boot

Love from the land of song and sheep


and hope you understand my poetry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was told in a meditation that Christiano doesnt do enough for the kids in his home country. Turns out the child poverty in Portugal is at extreme levels. You can read about this in this report if you know him, please pass this onto him. thanks


happy christmas 2013 one and all

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