an ode to my mum at christmas


My ode to mum at Christmas


Have a great Christmas

first one without Dad

but he is in a better place

so please don’t be sad


I know this time brings

thoughts of years gone by

good times and glad tidings

we all have a great life


though I also know that you

feel the most at Christmas

your mum and now dad too

especially missed by all of us


and don't worry about the future

when all our final bells ring

signals a finish in this world

and an end to suffering


Death and taxes are two things

we all struggle to avoid

acceptance ditches suffering

just glad we are not in the tabloids


and all the family is well placed

to survive any future problems

and from you, everybody graced

personally, well and truly thankful


so enjoy this Christmas wherever

you may in this world be

Dad isn’t with you just at the house

he is with you endlessly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my dad died in May and they were together 65 years... happy christmas all

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