My Ode to Morrissey


Greetings Morrissey, how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

In my meditation this morning

some information came calling

'find a pop star born in 1959'

to help with humanity good times


I know you want all in a cage

though only some cause dismay

Its not their fault at all

this belief system, tough to walk tall

dog eat dog materialism taught

and blood on every tee shirt bought


if people realised the truth

that eating meat was so uncouth

and harmony was where its at

world would be different: Fact

but its as if the powers that be

buggered the world up for you n me


its as if they read the Tao Te Ching

and went against most everything

good for us and the planet

people like you n me cant stand it

war for cash n low vibrating

ends up with a world of hating

when love is the only truth

heart? Dont need to be a sleuth


I am a Mystic, Druid too

In a world designed like glue

An expert in everything unseen

Quantum mechanics is easy for me

But of money I don't care for it

though some is needed I admit

to get by in this life

without money causes only strife


living in houses bad for me

I’m extremely sensitive to electricity

I try not to spend so much time

on computers, TV's, phones; different life

I don't drink or smoke too

no meat either, same as you


And I am writing to you concerning

these amazing times that we live in

we have had the ages of stone and Iron

but it's not the age of war and mire

We have just entered the Golden Age

but with war and world dismay

Yes, its hard to really understand

cos this world is NO divine plan



big changes coming to this earth

as the system undergoes a re-birth

money's dying, the system too

bet these changes will really effect you

the lad's done well with his quiff

but some stuff, you don't understand it

about the true nature of everything

blurred by money and suffering


I'm also a soothsayer for my trouble

I see the bad and property bubbles

I also see good things too

all of this, happy to share with you

I have an Akashic Records ticket

knowing EVERYTHING takes the biscuit

but this information will not be free

I have a collection tin for humanity


and on the web, you can read

my blog of truths and poetry

also check my brother Ross out too

put 'Captain Organic' into google

I'm as low profile as they come

the material world made me glum

my last job was over a grand a week

danced a jig, voluntary redundancy


and now I write to you today

with truth and true spirituality

to see if you will help the divine

carry out some plans of mine

the world needs a focus right now

to prevent a darkness cow tow


if this was boxing, the dark would be

well ahead on points definitely

but in the words of Luther King

who also was against needless suffering

'Those who love peace must learn to

organize as effectively as those who

love war', and I got a good plan

this druid and magician







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote it as i got Morrissey in a meditation this morning.

If you know Morrissey, please ask him to read this....




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