My ode to the Red or dead Designer label

greetings Red or Dead, Hows things?
this is an ode about optical suffering
I bought a pair of your half rims
cheap and nasty; clever marketing
Red or Dead a designer label
shouldn't cause your customers hell
been wearing your glasses two months
during that time out of luck
they are like memory metal
without the memory; bendy metal
won't even stay on my face
and that's with the price i payed
what a spectacle on the box
for me one spectacular loss
cos i don't have any income
and only ever so often
thanks to my amazing family
I can visit opticians when i need
so i thought i'd write you a poem
to sincerely let you know
i dont have any more cash
for yet another pair of glasses
I went back to the opticians
looked at me, held up their hands
I need a sturdier pair real soon
If they break, i will just loose
I have a spare old pair
but they have yellow lenses
only good in the dark: driving
no good when the sun is shining
come on Red or Dead PLAY FAIR
Come on Red or Dead DO YOU CARE?
My brothers an artist too
put Captain Organic into Google
he does his thing, i do mine                   
these glasses of yours a crime
can i have your help please?
or do you require more poetry?
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