an ode about my mum called The Queen of MSG



The queen of MSG


I want to tell you a story

About the queen of MSG

Not forgetting e numbers too

Everything thats bad for you


Im talking about my mum

Still knee deep in the program

Getting on in years too

Cooking stuff thats bad for you


Im not just talking about

Ghastly stuff out the packet

The way she boils the crap

The goodness, doesnt entrap


Cooking cabbage, green water

No gooness left in: oughta

Same for every vegetable

To process a bodily struggle


Dont forget gravy granules too

Day after it turns to glue

Is that how gluten got its name?

Either way, its waste: insane

We even consume it at all

Western food standards: Mental


Cheap stock full of salt

It really isnt her fault

Limited budget, food going up

Soon the people gonna be stuffed

Not with food, lack of it

Shelf stackers, job to omit


Whole system turns blind eyes

Bad for you, shouldnt suprise

Profiteering or more sinister?

People in charge, just don’t care

Just seeking increasing profits

People suffering: STOP IT


Im glad i dont eat mums food

None of its any good for you

Dads struggling under the weight

Of Boiled food at a discount rate


The only cheap things in food shops

Bad for you or waste products

No choice for poor people

Or too busy or too feeble

Please think about what you eat

Could be killing people inavertently

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