my ode entitled dark and light weave


 Ying and yang

Good and bad

High, low vibration

Weave happy and sad


Dark in your head

Cannot be separated

Please don’t hate

Manage it instead


Same for materialism

Spirituality, polar opposite

In everyones prism

Also got to manage it


Light does not exist

Without darkness too

Materialism’s remit

Hides spirit in you


Hypnotises with fame

TV Hollywood too

A priority to re-arrange

Makes your soul blue


We should be tribal

Living a primative life

Instead, moneys the bible

World causes maximum strife


Or thats how it feels

Humanity is suffering

Doesn’t seem priority

Though many accepting


Their part in the play

In this bogus system

Got to recognise demons

Before their managing


Higher realms observing

Looking after interests

Humanity is learning

Must feel second best


it does, they win certainly

exactly what they want

dont give darkness energy

it’s almost had it’s lot.

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