my ode entitled 'the nature of materiality

belief system

The nature of Materiality

What is the nature of theory
In this material reality
Do you believe it to be real?
Only if you can give something a feel
This is a dream world really
Which you have been programmed to think
Is real


Every piece of of our society
Designed to steal all of your energy
And to keep you earning money
And buying things you barely need
To keep your head in this reality
And to maintain your stake in this ponzi
Most Definitely


But the real you has been hidden: Definitely
By the purveyors of this ponzi scheme
Who want you to keep on spending
And to trick you out of heaven
The con jobs star t well early too
Programming you to sit on chairs when
The floor will do


And there’s all the low vibration food
Medicines, chemicals, the list is endless too
Your choice if you want to make do
Or find yourself in your egos comfort zone
That ego of yours just has to go
It has you right where it wants you
How so?


It looks at the material world
And the make up of your personality
And it matches it like a key
In the Chubb lock of this reality
And prays on all your weakness
Primary task; to bring you to your knees


Master your ego, you master this reality
And nothing can grab you materially
But it’s a freedom of choice thing
The Buddha strived for an end to suffering
No need to suffer unnecessarily
In this reality

Author's Notes/Comments: 

early 2012

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