my ode to the sauna

My Ode to the Sauna

Have a sauna today
Unless you had one yesterday
Open up all your pores
And out the toxin’s pour

Have one every 2 weeks
To ensure your body clean
Of a ll the toxin ’s
That always seem to get in

From the traffic, food too
Loads of toxins s it in you
Even if you live cleanly
Toxins get in inadvertently

Many in your food and drink
I bet this is surprising
Toxin’s put in on purpose
To pollute you , weigh you down

Have a sauna; the frequency
Have one every two weeks
Don’t forget replace lost fluids
And don’t forget salts too
Sweat really pours out of you

But there is an alternative
go hiking in a tropical climate
Though the much cheaper option
Local leisure centre or sports club

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