my ode entitled lazy

Human nature doesn’t help us do
All the things we want to do
Modern day society also hides
Things needed for a nicer life

But human nature gets us comfy
And looks for a life that’s easy
This is your ego working well
Matches the world to you like gel

Once your in this comfort zone
The thing that you call home
Sucks you in like a vacuum cleaner
And keeps you glued to that sofa

Because if you have a job; commute
When get home, sofa you sit
Problem is, when your on your own
Takeaways, fast or bad food a norm

Watching TV, DVD, video games
doesn't cost much to do anyways
Mortgaged to your hilt probably
Cheaper to eat food of low quality

But not convenient, you have no time
To live and fully appreciate life
Same goes for the man with family
When he gets home and has his tea

To feed the kids rubbish it’s easy
Mums go to Iceland for poor quality
Microwaves, banned in Russia cos
They fry insides and just don’t stop

Laziness in all that rubbish food
All it does is simply contribute
To your ego and human nature
Makes you lazy to want any better

Problems worse when out of work
No cash to enjoy life; it hurts
No money because addict: junkie
Xbox, drugs, bad food, no money

The unemployed loose sight of fact
They have loads of time on hands
To go and really appreciate nature
To find fresh veg on market days

And they also have time to bake
Instead of sitting there all day
And probably all night too cos
Finished a game; body clock screwed

Roman empire fell in under weight
Loads of loyal soldiers benefits
The British one collapsing soon
Then laziness won’t help you

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