my ode to Imagination

Got a strong imagination?
I’m betting you’re a magician
Using your third eye to dream
When you can use it to the extreme

Magic, it’s a natural thing
And mind power truly amazing
Then you work a lot nearer to
Your absolute, magical, full potential

You imagine your car weighs less
And the miles per gallon increase
Many things are in y our control
Though this sounds unbelievable

The people selling you fuel: More
The know magic; know the score
The water powered car; Indy 55
I want that one to drive

Bought by the oil cartel; not seen again
Cos it doesn't make lots of money
Same for the pharmaceutical industry
Yet another corporation run by Nazi's

Use your imagination to break free
From this belief system; bogus reality
The future is exactly w hat you choose
And when this is realized: they loose

Their grip over you and y our family
All corporations; Cain’s evil money
Cash soon to die anyways
So buy lots of silver for brighter days

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