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It was the usual winter solstice in England, 4 seasons in one day, then again earth changes probably had something to do with that too, as the extreme weather was getting more pronounced. I did the usual ritual at sunrise, trying to keep away from those with bad energy, though in all fairness, although winter solstice is by far the most energetic day of the year(this one especially), the inclement weather ensures that only a few hundred make it to the stones at henge then, and that even then, some wont make the sunrise due to excessive alcohol intake: All good.

I put my alarm on for an hour and a half before sunrise, this would give me ample time to set up my crystals in a grid, in the right place of course. I had brought a dozen crystals, and at least half a dozen of them were the size of footballs, so due to size and weight I was going to need all that time to set up and then relax before sunrise. The job was simple, fire enough positive energy into the grid to counteract the negative energy work that would happen at the stones later on that day. Those in the seat of power have an altogether different master to someone who is an agent of the most high, and they have enough clout to simply clear the sacred site later in the day and do their dark rituals.

Like all the events in this book, this isnt folklore either, and this particular information can be proven at any winter solstice. Take binoculars to Stonehenge and wait till the site is emptied of the public then simply watch for the arrival of blacked out landrovers. I dont know who's in them, but I have an idea. One thigh it definitely isn't, and that is a church choir as these bad boys are at the opposite end of that particular light spectrum.

I was told where to put all my crystals, and kept them there for as long as I was allowed. During the day curious people were come up to me enquiring what I was up to. Some of them were old faces who just wanted to say hello, but others were guided to me so that I could point them in the right spiritual or personal direction so to speak. One thing about angels, as well as having flaming swords they are also 'gods' so they know pretty much everything, and if one of their charges needed some information from me I was only too happy to oblige. I was also getting these people involved by getting them to use their imagination to help with my task; would help them too, I like dual edged swords.

By the time I was unceremoniously booted from henge my job had been completed. It was a particularity powerful year as December 2012 was zero point, and a lovely sunny afternoon to boot(followed by a Double rainbow: Only at Stonehenge). The energies were crazy and time was literally flying by. On this day, zero point, a 24 hour day was only 15.5 hours long, It was the fastest day ever, as they are now slowing down. I was enjoying having fun and games with some of the people there, some of which I had known for a long time. I was guiding people to stand in certain places and laughing when the energy literally blew them off their feet. Geomancy is an amazing science, and like every science the evidence was being experienced by many; am amazingly energizing day and one that shall live long in the memory; for the wrong reasons as well as the right.

You may wonder what lead me to travel with a van full of crystals to a sacred site to do this? And the answer to that particular question is 42. Monty Python did a film asking the question 'The meaning of life?' and the answer was 42. For all their comedy genius, John Cleese or whoever came to that conclusion were entirely correct. 6 x 7 year cycles = 42, and it is only at that age that your supposed to 'get' life, fun and enjoyment are the watchwords to be observed before the age of 42. Indeed I was 42 and 3 months when I took early redundancy and danced out of my place of work, and my journey of self discovery goes on and on till this very day.

Mission accomplished, I was buzzing. The extreme energy from Henge had 'buzzed me up' something rotten. It was a cross between being on mdma and being plugged into mains electric, and the extreme masculine energy of Stonehenge had ensured a sleepless night ahead. Rather than sleep in my van I decided to head to my mothers house as it wasnt that far away. I looked forward to a hot bath and a warm bed, though I wouldnt be eating, didnt need to, the energy I got from Stonehenge would keep me up for days if I let it. In any event , I was planning to go astral travelling the day after to take advantage of this incredible energy that consumed my body. I had fresh spring water, that's all I planned to consume in the next few days. Little did I know that the following day would change my life forever and consume almost 3 years of my life in the process.

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