My ode to danny Kelly entitled 'we only got 8 men'


Greetings danny how do?

Had to write a poem to you

was listening to you today

brought back much dismay

my clubs run by a clown

has caused a permanent frown


The club to which I refer

Cardiff city, last few years

been a rollercoaster, ups; downs

the club of my home town

the last few years been a mess

and caused a crowd digress


look, credit where it is due

Tan changed the kit, red to blue

also changed the beermat badge

but the dragons not up to scratch

he's also halved the clubs debt

better than playing roulette


Russell Slade winning fans round

but the football doesnt astound

and fans have left in their droves

as quiet as a remote orange grove

away fans chant 'library'

and I can wholeheartedly agree


Please find below a youtube clip

from the days of lower league trips

in these days nobody cared

what division we did share

was all about beer, and singing along

loosing your voice; comedy songs


you couldnt take the football seriously

let alone tales; hilariously

but with the xanadu of the prem

it burns up your passion like a crem

getting beaten up, week in week out

enough to test even the most devout


the premier league; a poison chalice

magnified by greed; wonderlands Alice

but only if your doing well

if not it is such an unpleasant hell

made worse by clueless owners

no board experience; poor controllers


even worse because the championship

this year really is shit/not very good(delete ass apropriate)

win 6 games and as good as up

but you need much more than luck

you need the fans pulling for you too

to suck the ball over the line for you


teams are nothing without their fans

and clueless owners like Vincent Tan

are so used to getting their way

despite what anyone says

really clever some recent moves

if only about football he had a clue

cos if he did we would be unstoppable

 instead of this roller coaster hell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by this youtube clip and Danny Kellys talksport show 16/03/2016

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