my ode to Jason Mohammad

greetings jason How do

had to write a poem to you

was listening to you in the car

broadcasting; raising the bar

you keep us coonected to home

radio signals; wherever we roam


loads of cars on a mountain top

big fines might encourage them to stop

then a 4 thousand pound haggis

more suited to buckingham palace

on the snooker last week too

a busy man; lucky you


i hope you count your blessings

when many lives are wrecking

a billion people today

are starving in their domain

you seem a real nice guy

banter too, a twitter sand fly


keep up the good work

though now not such a young turk

and if you evern need a bard

to brighten up the card

any subject, any time, anywhere

minuits work; poetry castles in the air

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