What if we lost technology

And couldn't use a phone

How would you contact people?

And let them know your home.

And some of you are thinking

Well I can send a text?

But if you couldn't ask yourself

What would you do next?

I suppose you'd say you would talk

And simply use your voice.

But what if everyone went deaf

And no one heard a noise?

Then I guess you would say

You would "sign" me.

But what If we went blind

And could not see?

Then what would you do?

Now you start to see

What you don't appreciate.

The simple ways that we

Use to communicate.

We would walk around helplessly

Bumping into each other.

Unable to see anyone at all

Not even your own mother.

So now there is the question:

What would you do?

If everything I just mentioned

Somehow happened to you?

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