She Who Was A Poisoned Aphordite

She Who Was....

There once was a lovely girl

with skin like cow's milk

Lips that seemed always pursed

and hair like black silk.

Her eyed whispered love songs

deep inside your ear.

Making you hear naught nothings

that no one else can hear.

She can make the most raunchy sailors

blush without a blink.

And silence all of your protests

before you could manage to think.

She was a Poison Aphrodite

with white wings like a dove

But looks can be deceiving

for she masters in lust not love.

She dares not covet a single man,

who have much freedom in their lives.

She only leads away adulterers

who cheat on their wives.

She leads them to her bed chamber

where many men may lay.

But once their head touches a pillow

that is where they shall stay.

And so she lays over them

leading them towards cardiac arrest.

And suffocates them with a suckle

from her perfect breasts.

And then she performs the last act

to keep them like this.

She leans in and flutters her lashes

and gives them Aphrodite's death kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

basically the Angel of Death for the unfaithful. Cheating men beware ;)

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