100 Ways to Say Goodbye

Pain and Heartache

Did you know that there

are more than 100 ways to say gooodbye.

But never nearly enough words,

nor tears to cry.

And though it escapes my mind

so many ways under thse sun.

I might as well begin this list,

with way number one....

See you later,

Got to go

See you again?

Maybe, I don't know.

And those were just some,

in fact only three.

Can you explain why you need

so many ways to say goodbye to me?

Alas I'm left with many questions

that you can not answer

but I feel it on the tip of my tongue

as lithe as a dancer.

I guess its because love and friendships end

without much reach why...

So people feel they need about

100 ways to say goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

MY 100th poem on this account

:D !!! WOO HOO

I love this poem though it's kind of scatter brainde

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