Shattering The Hall Of Mirrors

D. E. A. F.

I sit alone in the house of mirrors,

watching myself suspiciously, my mind is to blame.

But this house of mirrors is surely cursed,

for each of my faces are not the same.

One girl sits in tattered clothes,

dirty and so extremely skinny.

Her eyes glare at me through the mirror,

and her mouth lifts in a snarl enviously.

I turn away from this face only to meet a new,

me bulging so fat and wide I may explode.

This girl round like a giant pumpkin

Only able to move in a roll.

And the one next to her is even worse,

laying there surrounded by brandy.

Picking out her teeth then eating them again

as if they were pieces of candy.

I run away and try to get out

but failing to find an open door.

Only to run into yet another version of me

this one seems to be an upscale whore!

She leans toward me provacatively

and slowly licks her blood-red lips.

I shriek in horror and surprise

as I'm touched by her razor sharp finger tips.

I scream again and start to cry

then slide angrily to the ground

only to hear a bunch of "Me's"

Echoing the sound.

I see another one laying on the ground

she's injecting herself with some drug

and when I reach out to see if she's real

she scatters like a bug.

I look around this entire room

and all I can really see

Is a bunch of scared and frightened people

who couldn't possibly be me.

I back away into another,

and see a small girl who looks like me.

She tells me how to get out,

"Admit these are you and you're free."

I looked at her as if she's crazy,

"I have never done these things!"

"But this is what will happen if you make a wrong turn,"

in a child-like voice she sings.

I spin around watching the mirrors as they laugh

chanting "Stay with us forever."

I shook my head in disbelief the girl is lying

I couldn't become these I knew better.

And as if hearing me panic

a chair slowly and magically appears.

I pick it up angrily

and slam it into most of the mirrors.

I see the door and run towards it

turning back to see the young girl in the mirror smiling at me.

While all the shards along the floor are shouting,

"One of us will happen you wait and see!"

I peek my head back inside and see one mirror left standing.

And inside is a business suit wearing "me"

who speaks to me her voice demanding,

"Stay on the right path Yashi

and you will see.

As long as you try you're best

the only one you'll become is me."


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based off of a dream I had.

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