Basket Full of Petals

A basket full of Petals

rest within my hand.

To bring color to my deserted life

and stir the immobile sand.

To fill this day with beauty 

from the basket that never ends.

Petals from flowers galore

are my only friends.

Red roses and Tulips,

shower the ground with love.

Petals of the orchids 

fly high like a dove.

Diferrent shades of orange

reds and even blue.

fly around me like a tornado 

making the world new.

I watch these petals fly

and rise before they touch the ground.

Then cry seeing their majesty.

my tears never making a sound.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Doesn't really make any sense but I like it. Sometimes I feel like life is crushing me... so I go to my happy place. and empty a bucket of flower petals :)

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