D. E. A. F.

Haven't eaten for a day or... five,

nothing in the house.

during these times when I'm starving

I envy the crumbs of a mouse.

No income equals no food,

at least for a while.

Don't draw the attention of teacher's

If they offer food just smile.

Don't scarf it down or eat too slow

your stomach will start to ache.

Never ever asks for seconds!

though your mouth may start to quake.

If you find some money,

you must buy enough to share.

Don't be selfish because you know

you're not the only person starving there.

If you can, save most of your school lunch,

and bring it home to mom.

To divide between your brothers and sister

enough to fill your palms.

Don't stuff your face,
you must keep yourself neat.

Maybe if we're lucky

dad will have some candy or a treat.

But if not go to bed,

drink water to fill up your little tummy

Just think of all the food you'll have

when mommy brings home money.

But don't imagine mac & cheese

or the chicken she may be carving.

Because it only makes your stomach growl

and you're already starving....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My last poem of the day!!!!! Its about children out there who are starving everyday and though so many "people" say we're doing something to change it.... it doesn't seem to be working. But yeah... read and give feedback it would be appreciated!

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