Cycle of feelings

D. E. A. F.

I'm crying because I'm angry

angry because I'm stupid

stupid because I trusted you

Trusted you because I loved you

Loved you because you made me feel

I felt because you were there

you were there because I was convienent

Convienent because I was vulnerable

Vulernable because i've been hurt before

Hurt before because i trusted to much

Trusted too much because i'm naiive

Naiive because no one taught me better

No one taught be better because I never asked

Never asked because I never met anyone like you

Never met anyone like you because I dated nice guys

Nice guys never hurt me but I wanted something new

Wanted something new to test my parents

Tested my parents to test their loved

Tested their love because i felt like my life was a lie

My life was a lie because I was sheltered

Sheltered because I was sensitive

Sensitive because I was weak

Weak because I saw good in the world

Saw good in the world because I was a dreamer

Dreamer before I discovered nightmares

Nightmares caused by you

You were my everything...... you were a jerk

You were a jerk and you dumped me

You dumped me and now I'm crying.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Basically once you get to the bottom you head right back to the top.


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