Teenage Girls

D. E. A. F.

Teenage Girls are evil,

Teenage Girls are mean.

Teenage Girls can insult you,

Yet keep their image pristine.

She's too skinny, But she's too fat.

But they are the right size.

But then they say you don't have to change,

you're all beautiful.... Lies!

You wear too much make up,

or you don't wear enough.

You are way too girly!

and you're too mnly and tough.

Don't wear this outfit,

It looks better on me.

You should just wear a bag,

Quite simply you're ugly.

Teenage girls build you up.

Teenage girls knock you down.

Teenage girls have one mission,

Make other's look like a clown.

You may not pay attention or listen,

to what I say to do.

But remember Those Teenage Girls



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written but never published! With new inspiration by kitten.complex.... In a way

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