Apple Pie Saved My Life.

Everything was getting harder,

I didn't want to leave my bed.

School became a necessary evil,

It gave me something to fill my head.

I never wanted to make a connection,

Or look a person in their eye,

I only desired darkness and tears,

and the sound of my own heart's cry.

I trudged through life unhappily,

wishing for nothing more than the end.

I had no person that I could turn to,

I had not a single friend.

I simply existed full of empty longing,

No one needed me here, in this world.

I had no need nor sense of purpose,

I was a worthless girl.

Until a knock sounded at my door,

telling me to "just come near"

And right outside stood this red-haired

named Bethany Anne McGear.

She waltzed right in and didn't care,

She interupted my attempt at death,

Called me forth to speak to this neighbor,

when I should be breathing my last breath.

She said her name was much too long,

Told me to just call her Apple Pie.

I didn't care who she was or what was her name,

I just wanted her to go away so I could die.

She claimed my mom sent her over,

For she too wanted to end her days.

She told me her story of alcohol and drugs,

And how her life had once been a haze.

She felt as if no one cared,

Or ever wanted her to come around.

She felt as if she were floating away,

and could find no solid ground.

I stared at her in shock

she truly did understand all my reasons why.

I told her I felt exactly the same,

And she held me and let me cry.

She came to me like an angel,

when my days were hard and filled with strife.

And to this day she doesn't know,

That Apple Pie saved my life.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

BLAH! A poem about suicide. Not very good in my opinion but I still love it

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