The entity that fueled our nightmares,

Refusing to go near the bed because he's under there.

Asking mommy to leave on the light please.

Because we're afraid of the dark.

Such innocent little fears,

from our adolescent years.

Oh, how i wish to return to the days of the boogeyman.

Afraid to be bad because he would get me,

Knowing he could see me when I'm sleeping,

like Santa Claus on crack.

But now everything is so much worse.

The entire world is filled with nightmares.

Only these are the kind,

we can't wake up from.

I sometimes wonder,

was the boogeyman someone

Invented by our parents to prepare us.

for the harsh reality of life.

Where darkness and monsters lurk

around every corner waiting to grab you.

And you can't ask mommy to leave on the light,

just a little bit longer.

To ward away th demons that plague your life.

Oh, it is so hard to fathom,

the cold truth of reality.

These harsd people,

these cold nights,

this uncaring economy.

That make me miss the Boogeyman

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