Love With No Glove (Consequences)

He told me he loved me

and all of my doubt subsided.

I wasn't thinking straight

as our bodies collided.

Covered in a cold sweat

writhing in the summer heat.

windows wide open,

fingers fisted in sheets.

I was young and stupid,

thought nothing could touch me.

Until I missed two periods,

thinking I was gonna have a baby.

False alarm, false alarm,

I had no need to worry.

A different guy ready to go

Quicker now! Hurry.

Panting and groaning.

Biting at our lips.

Reaching new heights with

each collision of our hips.
He wasn't wearing a condom,

Promised he would pull out,

I wasn't flying high on cloud nine,

each moan gaining volume, a shout.

Next thing I know I'm filled up,

He never pulled out you see.

Now I'm stuck with the consequences...

Say hello to Mrs. HIV

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not personal experience of course.

#TeamAbstinence.... But still its shocking how many people in the U.S. alone contract HIV and/or AIDS each year.... so I wrote about it

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