Accidental Lesbian

I had a friend named Sarah,

Innocent with a dimpled cleft in her chin.

But one day she kissed Amanda,

and became Sarah the accidental lesbian.

She was beautiful as an angel,

with a face that made men drool.

But I saw the way she eyed us girls,

in our bathing suits by the pool.

The other girls didn't like it,

they taunted her and called her gay.

But Sarah cried she still can love,

just in a different sort of way.

Oh my poor friend Sarah,

she just couldn't understand.

I loved her just the way she was,

our other friends be damned.


She tried to kiss my lips,

to say she loved me too.

So I pushed my Sarah friend away,

It was all i could do.

She came out to her parents,

then I never saw my true friend again.

Sometines I wonder what happened,

To Sarah the Accidental Lesbian.


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