Brother Come Back

Won’t you come back brother, won’t you come back?

To be here, to share, to laugh, to mock!

Living expands the minutiae,

Your gift of perspective to apply

Brands and flavours of love, challenged

Shock, upset, designed to be “different”?

Barriers created then dissolved

Clinches, partners and acts untold

Passions twisted within cultural sterility

Gasping, choking under ecclesiastic decree

Emerged to uncover your own reality

Become whole, unified, male, happy?

god plays dice?

You rolled and lost

Your right to change foremost

No entity should demand that price

Don’t come back brother, don’t come back

To be drugged, to suffer, to cry, to be mocked!

Reach contentment, know love for all,


Be memories, be ashes, be a plaque on your wall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

18 years ago today I lost my Brother, he died in a very painful manner but discovered a contentment he had not had

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