Cathedral Ring

Are you strong when you're with him
does he tell you all the things you think you need to hear 
But you think about me now 
Cause I'm the one you run to when you can't feel like yourself 
All right 
But you say it's all for old times
You're right, Bright eyes


Are you safe when you're with them
Or do you like it this way, do you like feeling alone

Girl I think about you now

But you're dying in my heart 
And you'd give it up for all time 
But you said it was for all time
You lied bright eyes


I'm through with all this hate
I don't want to go on
I hope it feels like I do
When I'm inside you, it hurts
And that's the truth, baby 
Don't you deny it
Can't you feel your cold heartbeat balled up inside you?
I dont wanna give up the ghost
I'm sick of all this pain
That I can't show to no one
When you say that we're through 
you're only deceiving your heart
So run baby if it makes you feel better
And nothing you are doing helps me pull it together
One day you'll feel like I do and face this darkness alone
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