Wild Heart


In her eyes

you can see

all she wants to be

and more

never over look her

'cause she'll prove you wrong

she'll take you to places

you've never seen

all the places

within your hopes and dreams



She'll take you away

on the darkest of nights

she'll take you outta the darkness

into the light

and she'll make you

see the light in her eyes

she'll take you away

off to her side of life

where no one goes

'cause it's there for you

it's all there for you



It's all there for ou

she's yours for the taking

ain't no hearts breaking

it's all here for you

she's all yours



She's gonna show you

her Wild Heart tonight

she's gonna bare her soul

she's gonna show you

what she's made of 

and more

she's gonna show you

she's gonna show you

she's gonna show you

her Wild Heart tonight



When she's high

in the night

you won't see her

'cause she'll be

outta sight





If you ever go down

down her way

she's gonna make you wanna hang

stay for a while 

but when the night is over

she'll see you

in the morning light


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



Converts all p and br tags to linebreaks
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