Mystic Love


I wake up

in the morning light

to see you

to see you by my side

I lay here

and watch you sleep

worn out

after a night of

crazy naked sex

love making

none the less

I'm yours 

you're mine



I lay here

and watch you

as you sleep

naked in my arms

I feel your heart beat

alive we are

together as one



I love the way

you look at me

with your beautiful eyes

kiss me

with your lips

tell me you love me

and I'm yours



I wanna drown

in your Mystic Love

turn around

let me show you

what I'm made of

I wanna drown

I wanna go down

I wanna be

your Mystic Love



And I can't let you go

I always

want you here to hold

just take my hand

I won't let you go





Just let me take your hand

and bring you home with me

mind heart body and soul

you don't have to leave

you don't have to run away

just be here with me


Repeat Bridge and Chorus

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