Highway To Heaven


You're gone

life ain't the same

lost another one today

feels like everyone

is going away

life feels different now

but we'll get through somehow

but until then

I'll see you someday



Can you tell me

what happened

to the world we once knew

things will never be the same

now that you're gone



You're gone

it's all over now

you're in a better place

watching over with grace

until judgement day



You took the

Highway To Heaven

you're not coming back

you took the

Highway To Heaven

and there's no turning back

no there's no turning back



And there's no turning back now

you're on your way

to the top now

kneel down and pray

to God now





If I could take the clock

and turn back time

you know I would

but you're always

here in my heart

in my soul

to stay


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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