Welcome To The End


And here we go again

round and round we go

where we stop

nobody knows

you stand across from me

spitting your venom

like it's supposed to mean

anything to me

you need to shut your mouth

and walk away



Say what you will about me

but know

you're only showing your true colors

when you run your mouth

I only stand down for one

and you're not Him

so look me in the face

try to prove me wrong

walk away with your sin



I should've ended this

where you began



Welcome To The End

think what you want

say what you will

but know

I'm gonna shut your mouth

Welcome To The End

show your true colors

try to prove me wrong

I won't satnd down for you

Welcome To The End

Welcome To The End



You wanna run your mouth

take all your frustration

out on me

push buttons you shouldn't push

think again

I won't lay down

I won't take it anymore





When you wake up

look at everything

through your black eye

maybe then

you'll put your pride away

know that there's

no guarantee

when you mouth off to me


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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