The Love Goodbye


She picked her time

and left me here today

said she's gone forever

she won't stay

used to see the fire in her eyes

but it slowly faded away

she was long gone

left a note

before I could wake

said it was too much for her to take



She took a picture

left it for me to see

I could see the tears

streaming down her face

said she was feeling outta place

if only I could open my heart

and love her this way

maybe things wouldn't have fallen apart

maybe she wouldn't be on her way



If only I could see her face to face

I'd tell her that I love her

give her my heart

give her my warm embrace



Tell this isn't

The Love Goodbye

don't let me see those

tears in your eyes

tell me this ain't

The Love Goodbye

just look into my eyes

let me free your mind

let me hold your hand

let me make you understand

this ain't 

The Love Goodbye



When I wake in the morning

will she be there

just look into my eyes

don't walk away

don't say goodbye





If only I could see

your pretty face

I long to have you

in my warm embrace


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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