Boom, Bang, Clap

Boom! Bang! Clap!

Explosion of light hits the horizon

The lines of houses are like silhouettes

They stand there quietly not even the creaking of old steps

Bang! Crash! Thud!

The sound rings in my ear shaking my bed

That one sounded like it was over my head

Making me wake from my dream

Where everything was perfect and safe

Bang! there goes another

It's getting closer the lights spills into my room

Shadows cast making recognisable objects seems unfamiliar.

When will it end?

When will the banging stop?

When will the endless cries of dying men stop haunting my dreams?

When will people smile and not be afraid?

When will it all end?

When i sleep i see sunshine i hear the laughter of children playing in the street.

Only to wake and find i'm still in the middle of a war.

Outside it is darker than dark.

Not even the dogs dare to bark.

No street lights to light your way.

The moon doesn't even shine.

We must wait till' day.

Boom! Bang! Rumble!

When will this all end.

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