Too white for night, too black for day

These are the sadistic shades that backstab and betray

Too resplendent to conceal, too disgusting to display

These are the dreams that are demolished and discarded in disarray


Too gallant to go, too scared to stay

These are the stalemates that we succumb to everyday

Too valuable to donate, too paltry to pay

These are the words of redemption that we will never get to say


Too emancipated to detain, too shackled to stray

These are the vivid nightmares that will never go away

Too vigorous to retire, too feeble to play

These are the circumstances where predator turns into prey


Too dead to resuscitate, too alive to decay

These are the atrocious aftermaths of tomorrow coming today without any delay

Too euphoric to beshrew, too distressed to pray

These are the moments that will seal our fate in stone on our Judgement Day


...Too light for night, too dark for day

These are the saddest shades of gray...

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