Hei Matau

Sea Change

The ocean gives

Then it takes it all back in a devious disguise

Doesn’t care who lives

Disregarding who dies

The ocean speaks

Sirens singing their sweet seductive song

Taking advantage of the naïve and weak

Making slaves out of the smart and strong

The ocean earns your trust

Then the ocean lies

A sinful cycle so dismal and unjust

No more “hellos”…no more “goodbyes”

The ocean controls your  fate

As the waves come crashing down

I blindly nibble on the poisoned bait

As my spirit swims but my body begins to drown

The oceans massacres and slaughters

I rip this whalebone off my neck and firmly clench it in my hand

This jewelry was supposed to promise me safe passage over water

Now oh too well aware that I may never again return to land

The ocean laughs and spits in your face

As you desperately pray to deaf ears up above

This vacant prison is my new permanent place

With no one to hate…with no one to love

The ocean keeps a still tongue

Letting my silent suffering be the only song

Just another forgotten victim of the unsung

The open water is where I forever belong

And in my final moments in this ocean

I’ve learned that only one thing is true

Our lives are merely bodies of water which irrigates the land around them

So when your time has come…let the ocean take you

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