Howl 2000


I saw the finest minds of my generation brainwashed by

The brainless and the belligerent

Sleepwalking past hope and right into their early graves

Only to wake up the next morning under six feet of selfishness and sin

Punching their toxic time cards while hanging themselves from the spontaneously combusted streetlamps with their own tacky ties

I saw a flood of the finest foods forgotten on the frigid floor and left uneaten

Flushed away while toothpick children in Zimbabwe and Zaire would kill

For just the crumbs

…And they will

…And they do

Survival of the fittest shining in its most splendid form

Salary and civilization…the only things separating San Francisco from the Serengeti

I saw the finest air of my atmosphere poisoned by perpetual pollution

Raped from the Heavens where Satan now resides in the sky

Wearing a tattered red, white and blue suit and tie

While the serpents below salivate to the sound of dying doves crying beyond the horizon

I saw the finest people of my planet die in everyday combat

Buried in unmarked tombs by megalomaniac millionaires

Showcasing a sinister smile and dollar signs for eyes

While millions of more mannequins were manufactured merely to mate and murder and march on again

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